The primary inspiration for this work

...comes from a long journey into the philosophical and aesthetic theories of the International Situationists, as well as the writings of Guy Debord, Jean Baudrillard, Jacques Derrida, the allegories of Walter Benjamin; contaminations, metaphors, simulacri, superimpositions, the mimesis of Adorno, the dismantling of the use value of an object. These rejected, discarded, excluded objects reclaim their life beyond economic death. They wish to re-function, to recycle, to re-enter into the vortex with new iconological meaning, new significance and self-reflexive personality. They wait for the spectator to draw the distinction between art and craftsmanship as a different way of looking at the unstoppable flow of production/ consumption/ waste. Assembler of "garbage", industrial archeologist manipulator of the dichotomy use value/use of exchange, signifier/signified, post-industrial craftsman, the artist wants to introduce himself as a megaphone and catalyst of a new aesthetic and functional sensibility in which ecology doesn't involve further waste of resources and contrasts recycling as merely an industrial technique with a creative and whimsical aspect.